Energy Secretary cautions against Net Zero Leviathan impact on economy

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Energy Secretary Claire Coutinho has drawn attention to the potential implications of a centralized approach to achieving net zero emissions.

Speaking at the Innovation Zero conference in London, Ms Coutinho emphasised the importance of considering the economic ramifications of such strategies.

Ms Coutinho expressed concern that a centralised “Net Zero Leviathan” could hinder economic growth and innovation by exerting too much control over market dynamics.

Claire Coutinho said: “We face a fork in the road and the first path is one that I don’t want to take us down. It’s one with ever-increasing and narrowing sets of targets, where government dictates outputs and prices.

“Where a Net Zero Leviathan of central planning crushes our brilliant enterprise economy. But the second is where we live with some uncertainty, knowing that it is one of the key stimulants of risk and product development that competes to win over consumers.

“The second path gives us the space to tackle emissions whilst also making sure we can keep the lights on and costs low for British families and businesses.”

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