Energy networks: Strategic innovation crucial for UK decarbonisation

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Energy network operators have emphasised the crucial role of strategic innovation in guiding the UK towards its 2050 decarbonisation objectives.

They have unveiled 24 significant “way points” to facilitate the nation’s transition to a decarbonised energy grid.

Outlined in the Energy Networks Association‘s (ENA) Innovation Strategy Update, these milestones cover essential aspects of the transformation.

Among them are the development of new materials by 2026, the establishment of a strategic planning entity for high energy users by 2028 and the implementation of anonymised data sharing across the sector by 2030.

Looking ahead, networks aim to integrate AI-driven technology by 2040, capable of adapting to changing conditions and resilient infrastructure to address climate change-induced temperature fluctuations.

The release of these “way points” follows the launch of ENA’s Innovation Strategy Update, which also introduces an Energy Innovation Atlas.

Crafted to outline the trajectory towards meeting decarbonisation targets within set timelines, the Atlas emphasises the collaborative effort required across the energy sector.

Dan Clarke, Head of Innovation, ENA, said: “Networks recognise the central role they play supporting the decarbonisation of the UK and in providing the foundation for the greater use of low carbon technologies.

“Exploring the timeline to 2050 reveals long lead times for commercialising innovative solutions and the large amounts of investment that infrastructure development requires.

“This means we need to be sure we are pursuing the right innovative solutions and technologies today to ensure our energy networks are suited to tomorrow’s challenges.”

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