ENA launches AI platform for faster low carbon tech connections

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The Energy Networks Association (ENA) has launched ENA Connect Direct, an online platform aimed at speeding up the connection process for domestic low carbon technologies (LCTs) to the electricity network.

This system updates the application process, historically slow and manual, by using artificial intelligence to evaluate routine applications swiftly and provide instant approvals in most cases.

ENA Connect Direct aims to transform the UK’s electricity network from its traditional unidirectional structure to a more adaptable, bidirectional grid.

It benefits installers of low carbon technologies like heat pumps and solar panels by offering a more efficient system.

Additionally, it aids Distribution Network Operators (DNOs) in delivering accurate data promptly, enhancing network design and operation.

Dan Clarke, Head of Innovation at ENA, said: “By drawing on industry expertise and working with our members, this platform should massively speed up the application process by using the latest AI-led assessment technology.

“We hope it will allow installers to complete their projects faster, benefiting small and medium-sized businesses in the process.

“It will also support network operators in having a live overview of LCT installations that they need to operate a smarter and more efficient network in the years ahead.”

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