Compact and Slender BXR-LE Brake Models

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Precise positioning of semiconductor wafers during SCARA assembly operations require instantaneous braking and holding power while minimizing heat in the system. The latest compact and slender Miki Pulley BXR-LE brake models provide the needed perfectly controlled braking in a confined area of the system using minimal power.

Cycle time is critical in semiconductor assembly. The BXR-LE braking response and holding power makes it ideal for these high speed applications. The Miki Pulley BXR-LE brake is a power-off engaged brake that holds a semiconductor wafer in place. For subsequent operations, the brake is energized which disengages the rotor disc for the next assembly operation. The BXR-LE brake uses 24 VDC for a split second to overcome compression spring inertia to open the brake, then consumes only 7 VDC by utilizing the BEM power control module.

Because these semi-conductor assembly operations are fully automated for long-term operation, dependable, maintenance-free braking is essential for their uninterrupted operation. That is where Miki Pulley’s BXR-LE brakes excel for semi-conductor assembly as well as bio-med and packaging applications using SCARA automation.

When compared to most other electric brakes, the revolutionary BXR-LE design provides just one-third power consumption and heat generation in one-half the overall size thickness. Specifications are:

  • Maximum RPM: 6000
  • Static friction torque range: 0.044 to 2.36 (0.06Nm to 3.20 Nm) 
  • Ambient operating temperature 14°F – 104°F  (-10°C to 40°C)

For more information about Miki Pulley BXR-LE Brakes for Selective Compliance Assembly Robot Arm (SCARA) applications, call 1-800-533-1731.

Email: [email protected] 

Contact the Miki Pulley U.S. Sales Office at Zero-Max, 13200 Sixth Avenue North, Plymouth, Minnesota 55441-5509.

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