British Gas matches 100% of energy bill payments

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British Gas has unveiled a new initiative aimed at assisting customers facing financial difficulties with their energy bills.

Under this initiative, British Gas will match 100% of energy bill payments made by struggling customers over a period of six months.

This programme, scheduled to launch in June, seeks to provide substantial support to households experiencing financial strain, particularly those at risk of fuel poverty.

Chris O’Shea, CEO of Centrica, parent company of British Gas, said: “While it’s been good news that food and energy prices are falling, for many households the cost of living crisis is far from over, not least because of the more recent increases in rent and mortgage costs.

“At the end of each week or month, there will be those that have little, if any, money left after paying for life’s essentials. That’s why we’ve put £140 million into supporting those who need help the most.

“We know debt can have a corrosive effect on mental health. Most people want to pay their bills, but it can be very difficult to pay for what you need and clear debts.

“We want to try and help customers wipe the debt slate clean with this new approach, and to put our customers on a better footing to recover from this period of high inflation.

“This scheme isn’t a silver bullet. How we support people who struggle to afford life’s basic necessities is a wider societal issue and this is why we are a strong advocate for the introduction of a social tariff.”

The initiative complements British Gas’ existing support measures, including grants from the British Gas Energy Trust.

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