Brand-building campaign won Hendy Group the AM Award for Best Marketing Strategy

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The winner of the 2024 AM Award for Marketing Strategy of the Year was Hendy Group.

A collaboration with Harry Redknapp as Hendy Group’s brand ambassador combined with a marketing strategy to position the business as a world-class customer service specialist.

Hendy needed a campaign capable of delivering big, brand-defining ideas intertwined with tactical messages around choice, offers and service. This led Hendy to build a campaign around Harry to significantly boost its reach with its target audience.

Once merely a well-liked character among a largely male, sports-oriented audience, Harry was propelled to national treasure status when he was crowned King of the Jungle in 2018.

But rather than just rely on star power, Hendy also wanted to inject a sense of authenticity and ‘family- run’ into its comms by featuring Paul Hendy in the campaign, alongside Harry.

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