BAE & Cummins to Make Hybrid Drivetrain for Transit Buses

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BAE Systems and engine maker Cummins yesterday announced a new collaboration on the integration and certification of a B hybrid-compatible diesel engine and hybrid electric drivetrain for the transit market. The targeted product launch is 2027.

BAE Systems will supply its electric drive hardware to interface with the engine and form a full hybrid electric drivetrain, as well as provide engineering support and system integration expertise.

BAE and Cummins have worked together to develop hybrid electric solutions for buses since 1994.

Hybrid electric buses facilitate workforce development for training on high-voltage systems and do not require investment in extensive charging infrastructure.

In addition, hybrid buses with BAE Systems’ electric drive systems allow for increased zero-emission capable solutions. This includes proven engine start and stop and geofencing technology, allowing a hybrid bus to automatically switch to full electric bus mode when entering designated green zones.

BAE’s electric propulsion technology is developed and serviced at its facilities in Endicott, New York and Rochester, U.K.

The hybrid electric solution will continue to provide transit agencies with a proven and cost-effective technology that reduces fuel use and emissions.

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