ATG, Mad Devs’ new cloud-based partnership to slash omichannnel costs

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ATG is teaming with Mad Devs to drive efficiencies for both dealers and car makers through develop a new cloud-based document and lead management system to improve deal stacking.

A recent industry study by ATG revealed that franchised dealers typically access between 6-10 systems during a sale with some juggling as many as 40 or more which not only impacts dealer efficiency but also increases the risk of lead leakage and compliance breaches.

Mad Devs estimates the dealer cost of paper, ink, storage and staff time to be in the region of £8-10 per deal file and that by digitally transforming document processes, dealers can make savings of up to 65%

Expanding upon the launch of Fusion in May, ATG has already integrated Mad Devs’ iTrackLEADS and iStoreDOCS software within its customer network over the past 12 months.

In a strategic move to deliver a true omnichannel solution, an all-new NetDirector iConvert product will soon integrate with ATG’s My Account feature so customers no longer need to log into a portal, but instead can interact with their user account within the platform..

The new partnership is designed to help the automotive sector through enhancing collaborative innovation, smooth integration, and a customer-centric approach to the purchasing experience

Scheduled for full release in the summer, the two business said NetDirector iConvert will mark a significant milestone in making the deal-building process more transparent and personalised. It is currently being rolled out to select automotive early adopters.

Daniel Rea, commenting on the partnership, stated: “Our partnership with Automotive Transformation Group gives them the best of both worlds. We grant the customer familiarity as they’re able to interact with the well-established, user-friendly interface of NetDirector  Auto-e, of which 80% of the UK Top 200 retailers currently utilise. For retailers, this allows them to continually drive consumers back to the platform to manage their existing vehicles and explore upgrades.”

Tim Smith, ATG’s CEO, added:  “Our recent whitepaper underscores dealers’ plans to consolidate their tech stack in 2024 and this partnership offers the perfect solution to this initiative. With NetDirector iConvert on the horizon, the final piece of the omnichannel retailing puzzle will fit into place, simplifying the car-buying process even further, restoring both efficiency and transparency in the deal-stacking process.

The announcement follows recent news that  ATG is to be acquired by Keyloop in a bid to drive further innovation.


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