An Automatic Cyber Response Solution

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Siemens recently introduced SIBERprotect for protection of critical infrastructure and OT systems in various industrial locations, including power plants, water treatment facilities, all types of discrete manufacturing enterprises, military depots, data centers and control stations. SIBERprotect brings the SOAR (Security, Orchestration, Automation, Response) concept to cyber-physical systems with an OT-friendly and OT-managed methodology. Features and capabilities include:

  • SIBERprotect can respond to a cyber attack within milliseconds, resulting in the identification of the infected production equipment groups or plant networks, and enable full visibility and a fast response at the automation system level.
  • Working in conjunction with Siemens SCALANCE S industrial security appliances, SIBERprotect can securely place OT into a safe, isolated condition after determining the credible identification of a cyber-attack through threat detection technology, including Intrusion Detection Systems, Next Generation Firewalls, Endpoint Solutions and Threat/Risk Intelligence.
  • SIBERprotect then initiates a rule-based notification, network isolation and equipment management sequence to protect the selected equipment, as well as other desired response actions.
  • Detailed situational awareness alerts operators to the exact nature of the threat, where it was detected in the network, and a criticality level. This allows the response engine to simultaneously execute emergency measures to alleviate pre-determined, worst-case scenarios.
  • The ability to automatically activate emergency backup equipment, interface with legacy technology such as Ethernet hubs, recover one segment or “restore all” functionality, and isolate from the site IT network to prevent an attack.

SIBERprotect is part of the overall Defense In Depth suite offered by Siemens in compliance with IEC 62443, the international standard for industrial cybersecurity. To find out more information about SIBERprotect, please visit:

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