ALLU Blue Transformer Series Padding Bucket Helps with Solar, Wind Farm Construction Projects

By Staff
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Cross Country Infrastructure Services (Aurora, CO ) announced the ALLU Blue Transformer Series Padding Bucket. The equipment joins the SCAIP Pile-Driver and Padding Machine to provide many benefits that will increase productivity and reduce costs for solar and wind farm construction projects.


  • Used to process materials on site, to specification
  • Designed with True 1/2” or 12mm sizing
  • Designed to process materials to project specifications
  • Reduces amount of time needed for manual labor

Cross Country’s SCAIP SDR-108 Pile Driver Machines features:

  • Designed to drive beams in excess of 20 feet into the ground
  • Fully automated
  • 100 gallon fuel tank
  • Automated GPS system that allows for accurate placement of beams without use of forward survey, string lines, plumb bobs or lasers
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