Building on the Antwerp Declaration adopted in February this year and co-signed by over 1000 industrial leaders from industry and the unions, this week European sectoral social partners and industrial associations representing European manufacturing workers and industries have sent a joint call to the European Commission, European Parliament and Belgian European Council Presidency for a European Industrial Deal focused on ensuring quality industrial jobs in Europe.

Representing manufacturing workers from across the metal, chemical, textile and mining industries, the organisations have jointly called for a European Industrial Deal which:

1.    Ensures a Just Transition for our industries and workforce
2.    Develops a re-skilling and up-skilling agenda
3.    Promotes social dialogue and social partners’ involvement
4.    Ensures a stable and coherent regulatory environment for our industries

“We need to keep industry in Europe because the industry will deliver the climate solutions Europe needs. Solutions that citizens and governments can use, but that can only be invented and implemented with speed and scale by the industry, and the support from governments. Only with a strong industrial fabric and strengthened social dialogue in Europe can we ensure that the green transition will be a Just Transition, as agreed in the Val Duchesse tripartite declaration”, recall the signatories.

The Antwerp Declaration set out 10 priorities for an Industrial Deal for Europe to deliver the Green Deal and ensure quality industrial jobs in Europe.

Read the joint press statement here