£5.4bn investment needed for UK schools to achieve net zero

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A recent report by eEnergy underscores the pressing need for a £5.4 billion investment in schools across the UK to meet net zero targets.

The report reveals alarming energy consumption patterns, with 30% of energy used during closures and 70% of schools still relying on outdated lighting.

By adopting LED lighting and other energy-efficient measures, schools could potentially save around £2.31 billion in energy costs over a decade.

The lack of funding and guidance from governmental bodies has left many educational institutions seeking alternative avenues for sustainability initiatives.

Harvey Sinclair, Chief Executive Officer of eEnergy said: “We understand that schools and colleges have substantial environmental footprints and energy costs represent a significant portion of their operations budgets.

“They are also crucial spaces to set a positive example for students, staff, and the broader community on climate change.

“However, 70% of schools are still to make the switch to LED lighting and up to 90% to implement solar panels and EV charging.”

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